Effective immediately--no plastic bags or trash of any kind can be in with recycling.  Plastic bags cause equipment jams at the recycling center and they will start to fine us if it continues.  We are also having a problem with residents putting food trash and greasy pizza boxes in with recycling.  These cannot be recycled!!  All containers must be rinsed clean and free of any food products.  Beginning the week of November 26, we will be monitoring recycling and will not collect any recycling if we see residents putting plastic bags or trash in with recycling.  We will leave you a warning notice with additional information.  For more information on recycling regulations, you can view a short video at the following website: or go to YouTube and put in Recycling Simplified to view the video. 


If your recycling contains anything improper, it will not be collected and the following notice will be left at your door:  Recycling notice


Illustrated History lecture--Tuesday, December 11, 7 PM, on:

The “Battle of Gloucester, 1777—Where the Irregulars Whipped the Regulars,” at the Charles Dougherty Senior Community Center, 508 Lambert Avenue, Mt. Ephraim.  This is a free event and all are welcome! 


Did you know that 241 years ago, a battle was fought across Mt. Ephraim and Highland Park—the “Battle of Gloucester,” in which the marquis de Lafayette and a small band American rebels were the winners? Tuesday, December 11, at 7 PM, Archaeological Historian Garry Stone will explain how on 25 November 1777, the marquis de Lafayette with 350 to 400 Continental rifleman and New Jersey militia were able to rout 330 German riflemen—and kept the enemy retreating even after they were reinforced by elite British light infantry. The German riflemen were an outpost of a 6,000-man British Army occupying the “Town of Gloucester,”—an army that had just destroyed Fort Mercer at Red Bank and was in the process of conveying 400 head of looted cattle to Philadelphia.

Did you know that Camden County was part of America’s, 18th-century agricultural heartland, part of its “corn belt”, producing—until war intervened—pork for export and large quantities of produce for Philadelphia? Produce that included meats, fish, dairy products, vegetables, and fruit as well as firewood and lumber. Then, 26 September 1777, British solders entered Philadelphia, Continental soldiers and sailors blockaded the city, and South Jersey lost its market and its economy collapsed.

Using information extracted from land records tax lists, wills, and a 1784 census, Stone will give his audience a tour of the farms and farmers living along the old “King’s Road.” Some of these farms had been pillaged by the British and German troops. November 26, some of these farms had shallow graves along the “King’s Road.”

Garry Stone will be speaking in the Charles Dougherty Senior Community Center, 508 Lambert Avenue, Mt. Ephraim (corner of Station & Lambert Avenues). Some off-street parking is available behind the center and street parking is available on Lambert Avenue.


Stone and Paul Schopp are conducting this research for the Camden County Historical Society. The work is funded by a grant from the American Battlefield Protection Program, National Park Service.

Can you help Stone and Schopp with their research into the battlefield? Do you know the location of 18th-century archaeological sites near the King's Highway? Do you have copies of maps or documents describing 18th-century farms, workshops, or stores along the road? Bring your facts or your questions to the meeting.


For more information, contact Garry Stone at




We have dedicated volunteers who are working to trap, spay/neuter feral cats.  They can always use more help.  If you are an animal lover and would like to get involved, or to report feral cats and/or kittens in your neighborhood, please call Borough Hall at 856-931-1546 and ask for Terry or email  We can always use food and monetary donations to help pay for the spaying/neutering.  Food and money can be dropped off at Borough Hall. 


Online payments for taxes and sewer

We now accept online payments for taxes and sewer.  Be advised there is a fee for this service as follows: 

        e-check or ACH debit-$1.05; Debit card-$3.95;

         credit card 2.95% of payment amount.

Click here to make an Online payment for taxes and sewer




Four to six hours per day, Monday thru Friday.

Duties include trash and recycling collection, general landscaping, snow shoveling, facility maintenance and other general labor duties as needed.  $12.00 per hour.  E-mail resume to or call Jim at

856-931-2529 for appointment.



Any organization that wants to conduct a basket auction, 50/50, designer bag bingo, or any other kind of raffle must have a license.  The organization must first be licensed by the state of New Jersey to conduct games and then a separate license is required for each game to be held from the municipality where the games will be conducted.  For more information on obtaining a gaming license from the state, you can go to the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission website. Once you have your gaming license, contact the Municipal Clerk to obtain a license for the individual games to be held.  Paperwork for a raffle/bingo license must be received a month before your scheduled event.  We must have three notarized and originally signed copies of the application.  Each application must be signed by two officers of the organization.  Contact the Municipal Clerk at 856-931-1546 or via email at   






          Pictured from left to right:  Commissioner "Traz" Tovinsky,

              Mayor Joseph Wolk and Commissioner Andy Gilmore.